Advanced Customer Engagement Solutions for Travel & Hospitality Brands

Create 1:1 travel campaigns for every customer across channels. Drive bookings and increase customer lifetime value.

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Orchestrate Flawless Customer Journeys

Every adventurer is special on its own. While some like peace and quiet, other craves a little excitement. Tailor your marketing campaigns based on user behavior, preference, location, and past and real-time actions.

Integrate everything across channels including push notifications, email, SMS, and in-app messages to create high-impact journeys with Netmera’s easy-to-use Journey builder.


Urge Users to Book With Price Alerts

Getting a confirmed reservation takes a little time. While your potential customers are considering their options, encourage them to take action with time-sensitive notifications about price changes, discounts, limited availability, or campaigns with Netmera’s Catalog Module.

Get More Revenue & Upsell with Advanced Segmentation

Understand customer behavior patterns to provide an individualized shopping experience. Upsell by reminding customers of additional purchases like car rental options, insurance, entertainment and upgrade packages. Segment your customers based on standard and custom profile attributes or events, and tailor your campaigns based on their preferences.


Convert Browsers into Travelers with Funnels

Set up funnels to understand the reasons behind user drop-offs. Improve conversion rates and get more bookings. Know where and why your customers exit the funnel and identify problems. Never miss an abnormal increase or decrease with funnel anomalies. 

Boost Reservations With Site & Message Personalization

Personalize on-page elements and messages with Netmera’s simple dashboard. Show different hero areas according to different segments, tailor landing pages, and CTA’s based on user behavior, interest, traffic source, and demographics. Keep communication with your users across channels according to their needs.

Powerful & Intelligent Data Analytics

Keep track of performance and control all metrics with Netmera’s powerful analytics features.

Track and compare events, access user insights through behavior analysis, and automatically calculate profile attributes to understand user engagement better. 

Gain a 360° View of Each Customer

Get a comprehensive view by accessing customer data from various channels in one unified view.

Access device info, online and offline behavior, message responses, preferences, location and so on.


Moov increased open-app rates by %136 with mobile push and pop-up messages. 

Digital car rental application Moov boosted its open-app rates and sessions during its interactive campaign on New Year’s Eve with Netmera.

The time-based campaign started with surprise discounts, and as midnight approached, the discount rates kept increasing.

The company used pop-up messages and mobile push notifications to engage customers with possible offers. 

Netmera is awarded the Best Marketing Automation Technology by MarTech Awards