Netmera Customer Referral Program

Happy about our product? How about spreading the word?
Earn $100 for referring a friend who you think might benefit from using Netmera.

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How It Works

rf-Fill Out The Form

1. Fill Out The Form

Scroll down this page to fill out our referral form. Don’t forget to add your and their contact information.

rf-Our Team Will Schedule a Meeting

2. Our Team Will Schedule a Meeting

We’ll schedule a meeting with your referral and start our process to see how they can benefit from Netmera.

rf-You’ll Both Get Rewards!

3. You’ll Both Get Rewards!

If your referral and Netmera seem like a good fit and our sales team takes a step forward, you’ll both get a $100 cash card. 

Love using Netmera and want to refer it to a friend?

Do you know someone who’s looking for an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform for their problems? Refer your friend by filling out the form, and if they are a good fit, you’ll both get a $100 cash card.

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